General Audition Information

The Choruses

  • Harvard Glee Club* (HGC): TTBB choir

  • Radcliffe Choral Society* (RCS): SSAA choir

  • Harvard-Radcliffe Collegium Musicum* (Collegium): SATB choir 

  • Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus (HRC): large SATB choir for the broader community

  • Skills for Singing (SfS): a co-curricular 10-week course held each Fall semester, co-sponsored by the Office for the Arts (see the Skills for Singing page for more information)

*These choruses are offered for optional course credit (not letter-graded) and meet twice a week for 5 hours total


Auditions Format

Preliminary Auditions

This audition consists of scales, ear and pitch memory exercises, and sight-reading in order to evaluate voice, ear, and reading abilities. A prepared piece is not required.

All auditionees will be notified via email of their results. The result of your preliminary audition will take ONE of the following three forms:

  1. Sopranos and Altos will be accepted preliminarily into RCS and Collegium, and Tenors and Basses will be accepted preliminarily into HGC and Collegium. These auditionees will advance to callbacks.
  2. You will be accepted into the Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus. No callback is necessary.
  3. You will be accepted into Skills for Singing.


You will attend a rehearsal with the choirs for which you are auditioning. You will be assigned a rehearsal slot from EITHER 1p-4p OR 2p-5p. During this rehearsal, you will learn more about the individual groups and learn an audition excerpt to perform in a quartet with current choir members.

The quartet audition will take place in the days following the rehearsal, and last 5-10 minutes. At the conclusion of the quartet audition, each auditionee will indicate ensemble preference. All auditionees will be notified of their audition result before study card day.

If you have any additional questions about the audition process, please email our student management team, and one of our student leaders will get back to you.