Holden Voice Program

Voice study and choral singing feed each other. Now in its 59th year, the Holden Voice Program offers private lessons & solo performance opportunities for Harvard Chorus singers who are interested in furthering their vocal knowledge and abilities. Led by master artist-teachers, students receive 10 lessons each term right on the Harvard campus.

Since the program’s inception, healthy vocal technique has been taught to singers of all levels, enabling them to have an enjoyable and productive vocal experience at Harvard. This includes elements of breath management, healthy tone production, registration, resonance, diction, style, and expression. Singers can choose to learn solo repertoire, work on choral group music, and/or prepare for solos or auditions.

The improvement of each individual voice and development of personal musicianship through private voice study is an essential component of high-level ensemble singing. We highly encourage all Harvard Chorus singers to explore their instrument in this way during their time in the Choruses; to facilitate that, members receive a subsidy of 50-75% toward the cost of lessons.

Students of the Holden Voice Program not only meet with success as soloists and choristers, but also begin the lifelong journey of understanding and celebrating their own voice. We look forward to hearing your voice!